Rosemary Beach: Day Three

This morning started with a long bike ride from Rosemary Beach down the 30A with a stop for donuts at Charlie's Donuts, a truck set in Alys Beach that serves donuts delivered from their main bakery in Bonflay, FL.  It just looked good and they were just opening.  I got in line behind two people… Continue reading Rosemary Beach: Day Three


Rosemary Beach – Day One 

Vacations with friends often start early,  in the dark of morning, with clandestine meetings in parking lots. Well, my friend-group vacations start that  way. This trip started quietly in an and industrial park parking lot, but very quickly turned into a tourist vacation to Rosemary Beach, FL, a wee piece of Panama City. To get… Continue reading Rosemary Beach – Day One 

What I Learned This Week

What I Learned This Week: #17

Sunday, September 3 - Saturday, September 9   This Week in the Permafrost: I've worked a lot of jobs and have a lot of "work refrigerator" stories. I like to think of work fridges as "best intention units" filled with food items (and a lot of expired food items) put there by people are going… Continue reading What I Learned This Week: #17

What Did I Learn This Week, What I Learned This Week

What I Learned This Week: #16

 Sunday, August  27  - Saturday, September 2   This Week In Living in the Thick of Things: All summer the call of social life from living downtown has been strong. Even evenings when I plan to stay in after work are turning into adventures. On Tuesday, as it was getting dark, I was sitting in… Continue reading What I Learned This Week: #16