Dancing to the Music

Last night I caught a couple of bands at MOTR (the end of Little Junior, Mona, and July Talk). Super fun set of music.

MOTR is a tiny place for live music with a tiny stage (many bands I’ve seen there relegate their base player or keyboards to the floor by stage – which I imagine has really hacked off some musicians over the years.)

The crowd is thicker as you get closer to the stage, of course,  but we worked our way about 4 “rows” back for Mona. What was in front of us was three super exuberant, tequila chugging, bounty-dancing young women (in their twenties) and a couple of their guy friends.

I’m short (5 feet and 1/2 inch) and I have spent many, many shows of this nature staring into the back of dude’s plaid shirt, catching glimpses of the stage when the guy shifted position. And occasionally I get what I got last night. As the ladies bopped up and down and shook from side to side, I kept getting whapped in the face with hair. Long, luckily clean smelling hair.

There is a way to “dance” in the tight quarters of people pressed up close to a music stage, but these ladies didn’t have it. But they were having a blast, and that’s why I go to see live music. I don’t want people to act the way I act, I want them to feel their evening and enjoy. And, a few songs into the July Talk set, they actually pulled me in front of them, and asked the next tall guy by the stage to let me stand in front of him. So yeah, a few uncomfortable hair smacks, but a me and this group of girls had a great night.


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