A Bar of Soap

This morning I unwrapped a new bar of soap to put in the shower. Like a 1950’s housewife,, apparently, because bar soap is falling out of favor (accounting for 30% of total soap sales and falling). But what can I say? Liquid soap in the shower doesn’t do it for me. I’m a bar soap woman.

I should note, I don’t want to see a bar of soap in a public restroom, even though it is perfectly safe (no one ever got sick from shared soap), it’s just gross to touch. Though maybe we could use handing the soap to the next person as a metaphor for building better communities.

Probably not.

Anyway, at home, especially in the shower,  I want the bar.

Let’s start with the hippie reason: Bar soap is better for the environment. Both the product and the packaging are less labor intensive to produce and because liquid soap is heavier, it takes more energy to ship. I practically want to load my bathroom cabinet with patchouli soap from the farmer’s market just based on this.

But also, I like the tactile feeling of a bar of soap in my hand, watching it wear away as I use it day after day, and finally, I like getting in touch with my inner cheapskate by fusing the sliver of old soap to the new bar. (I’m all like, “Look at me saving a fraction of penny!)

Bar soap also makes a satisfying thud when dropped, plays hard to get when you try to pick it up (fun!), and provides a real excuse for taking long showers in the time it takes to get a piece or two of hair off the wet bar. Okay, the last one’s icky, but I think “cleaning the soap” is just a funny concept to start my day.

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