My new place has glass shower doors. My whole life, I’ve taken my daily showers in a tub/shower with a shower curtain. I never felt like a shower curtain was a detriment or that I had to step-up my shower game.

All the decorating shows will tell you, glass shower doors are sleek and modern and can make a small space look bigger. In fact, it took me a couple weeks in my own glass door shower to stop thinking I was in a hotel.

And it only took one shower to realize that that cleaning staff wasn’t coming while I was at work to clean the doors.

Having spent my life with shower curtains, I know that their disadvantage is the mold that grows on them. The advantage to that mold (and yes, I have a positive thing to say about it) is that mold grows on the inside of the curtain. Except for the 5 minutes a day while I was showering, I could just pretend that everything was fine

With glass doors, every dried drip stares you down every time you walk into the bathroom. If you don’t clean the glass regularly, the shadows of past showers begin to loom large. All the cute seashell displays that live on toilet tanks across the land, cannot distract from smudgey, soap-scummed, glass shower doors. The shame cannot not be undone with “At least I take showers.”

Which is why I’ve added squeegee-ing to my daily routine, and collaterally, the six squats it takes to squeegee the doors. I like to pretend I’m a window washer on a high-rise building, setting myself apart from other window washers by performing the feat naked. #ChoresCanBeFun

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