The “Yellow Stuff”

Last night I popped into The Anchor OTR to grab a quick snack before a show at Memorial Hall. My timing was all off from the way I planned the evening in my head, but I wanted to make sure some food hit my belly.

I gave the bartender my parameters and he said no problem. He suggested the crab beignets because they would be quick. I agreed immediately (time was a’wastin’!) This was one of those moments when I was glad that I like food, don’t have dietary restrictions, and I will eat anything.

Five minutes later, sipping a Sauvignon Blanc (I may have been in a hurry, but I acted like I was civilized and seasoned restaurant patron), five beignets were in front of my face. I could tell by smelling them that I’d missed something wonderful on my previous trips to the Anchor.

The beignets are like hush puppies taken to another level. Crispy dough, with peices of crab, served with some “yellow stuff” and a dusting of powdered sugar.

The “yellow stuff” added a bit of spice to the beignets. I didn’t know exactly what it was – my eyes said “butter””, my brain said “Some kind of oil emulsion” – but it was perfect and delicious. I guess I was in a bit of food heaven and unable to form the correct words: I literally asked, “What is this yellow stuff?”

The bartender told me it was sriracha aioli.

The yellow stuff is fancy! And, I want sriracha aioli on all my sandwiches from now on.

I don’t mind telling you that while I took the final gulp of wine, I ran my finger along the serving board and scooped up any yellow stuff I could. Licking my finger, I totally gave up acting like a civilized diner.

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