Me and My Lego

I saw the Lego Batman Movie yesterday afternoon at the 1 pm showing. It’s the number one movie in the country, and I like to be cutting edge in my movie viewing, but I was concerned on this damp midday, parents and caretakers might have had the idea to occupy their young charges at the movies. The theater is one of those dine while you eat which I don’t even like with adults.

First, the dine-while-you-watch experience was designed for people who are better eaters than me. I can barely eat when I can see the food and I’m paying attention. I had an unfortunate incident a couple weeks ago with Saratoga chips and bbq sauce that made it look like I’d been splattered by a nearby shooting victim. That happened when my table was well lit and eating was the only thing happening. I can’t imagine walking out of a dark theater after attempting to consume food. Popcorn eating is my highest degree of movie dining difficulty. A plate of nachos seems distressful. How can I pick up the chip with the best ratio of goo and still concentrated on plot points?

Also, I’m kind of a movie geek and a food geek. Maybe purist is a better word. When I go to the theater. I want to watch the film. When I go out to dinner I want to eat. My brain and physical abilities cannot multi-task two things I care deeply about.

The best part about the dining theater was I got to put my purse on the table in front of me instead of the floor below me. So kudos to that table.

The second part of today’s viewing was that not only were there no kids in the theater, there wasn’t another person besides me. When it became obvious that I was going to have a private showing I wanted to act like an old time movie exec. The ghost of Louis B. Mayer overtook me and I told the poor waiter not to bother me. (In my head I said, “don’t bother me kid. I’ll call you if I need you.” In reality, I said something closer to “No thanks, I’m just here to watch the movie.”) By the way, if you’re keeping score, today’s movie had no kids, was a private showing, and I got to boss someone around.

And, I liked the movie a lot. I came to the character of Batman during the campy Adam West years and the Dark Knight, he of brooding crime-fighting, is interesting and arty to me, but I love a little humor in my Batman stories.

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