Cheese and Egg Sandwich Sweat

Nothing makes me feel I’ve got my shit together more than making an egg sandwich on my way to work in the morning. Cooking breakfast, meaning actually heating up a pan…on the stove (!), channels both 50’s housewives and the “you can do it all” woman of the 21st century and  it’s simple.

It just takes a tiny bit of organization. The trick is knowing the night before that tomorrow morning is going to be a breakfast sandwich morning. That isn’t hard. I just stand at any random place in my abode and say, “I think I’d like a breakfast sandwich tomorrow” and, if a quick check of my three main ingredients proves positive, step one is complete.

I set out the kitchen tools the night before and I wake up rarin’ to go. The process starts when I grab and fork-split an English muffin. (Sounds a little naughty, but this is a family friendly post.)

Fork-splitting an English muffin is a fine, if often forgotten endeavor. English muffin makers really used to push the idea that you had to fork-split their product, but they finally backed down because modern people use knives to cut things in half and do not have the time to fork-split. Well, I make the the time because it makes a difference. Fork-splitting leaves crevices (or as Thomas’s English Muffins use to call them “nooks and crannies”). I grab that muffin in my left hand and work that fork in and out of the muffin all the way around. When it comes apart it is a very satisfying feeling …the first accomplishment of the day.

That muffin goes in the toaster while I get my egg broken and seasoned, my cheese sliced (I’m a block cheese woman, of course), and the pan heated to medium heat.

When the toaster dings, I take the bottom of the muffin and put it on a plate right next to the stove, because things are about to speed up.

Egg goes in pan
Put egg mixing bowl in sink (quick..the egg needs me)
Back to stove to start stirring egg
Stir egg till it’s just-just-just done and still a little wet in places
Egg goes on bottom muffin
Cheese goes on egg
Top of muffin goes on cheese
A small bowl covers everything

A small bowl then covers everything…this is my personal technique for the best egg sandwiches ever because the sandwich “sweat” seals in the flavor and texture.

I leave my egg and cheese sandwich to sweat while I take a shower and get dressed. On my way out, I wrap up the sandwich and eat it when I get to work. Coworkers are impressed and occasionally intimidated. That is a great way to start the day

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