Over the last several years, America has drastically changed the way it deals with animals in everything from the way we treat our family pets, to how animals live in zoos, and to animal testing. The progress we’ve made in understanding animals to give them (and us) better lives is important and good. Sometimes though, I think we can go overboard and use our treatment of animals as a crutch to not have to deal with more difficult human issues.

Here’s a poem about losing sight of our human-ness in our effort to be more humane.




We watch animals 24/7 on the internet
Intently waiting
For hatchlings, babies, weight gain, food consumption
For encounters with surrogates, keepers, and trainers
Ascribing cuteness
Praying for progress
Genuine warmth, strong sentiments, hope

This is easy
A break from human news
Events we can wrap our heads around
We can buy t-shirts to show support
Without real responsibility to act, or reflect, or change
A glimpse of our human-ness reflected in the humane treatment of animals

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