Proud Rooster (Restaurant Review)

This morning my Western Omelet from the Proud Rooster was squared shaped. I was surprised to see a square instead of rolled or folded omelet. I didn’t realize I had expectations. But, I’d seen so many TV Chefs try to cram the perfect oval omelet shape down my throat. I guess that’s what I was looking for. Instead, I got what the cook thought was right.

Basically, the square omelet is the perfect metaphor for Proud Rooster. They are a little restaurant doing it their way, food trends and foodie expectations be damned.

The Proud Rooster is open every day except Monday from 8 am – 2 pm. The griddle and main cooking area is behind the counter at the front door. You’ll find some additional freezers, a stove and dishwashing station in the back room (which you have to walk through if you want to use the very tiny bathroom in the basement). They specialize in breakfast, double deckers, and (where they get their name) fried chicken. Lots of the food is frozen, you can see them pull it out of the freezer, throw it on the griddle and hear the clunking sound. The chicken isn’t frozen, though is breaded and fried on the spot. Are the burgers great? No? Are they great for the price? Yes. Same for everything they serve.

After you walk through the kitchen, you head down these steps (not creepy at all) to the bathroom. 

This is a diner that has held out from updating either it’s menu or it’s décor. Well, there’s a big newish TV that hangs in the dining area that you can see from all the tables, but only hear from the table directly underneath it.

Lot’s of regulars were there when I came in, many whom the waitress knew by name or their lunch order. The waitress will ask if you need a menu as you are sitting down, because presumably a lot of customers don’t. The daily specials haven’t changed in years either.

Proud Rooster is cheap, delicious, and a little rough around the edges. A great local spot for a quick lunch and a break from modern eating norms.

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