What Did I Learn This Week?

Sunday, May 14 – Saturday, May 20


MOTHER’S DAY: Mother’s Day started the week. I did my usual Sunday grocery shopping with my own Mother, but, and this is from her own lips, “We can go out to dinner some other time.” My genetic family is weird like that. Whenever it’s possible, we celebrate holidays/birthdays when we get around to celebrating, not necessarily on the prescribed day.

Best example, a few years ago Cinco de Mayo fell on a Tuesday and I invited my parents and brother to dinner. Taco night. Fun! All my Mom wanted to know why she had to come to my house on a Tuesday.

Anyway, I’m not a Mom myself, but my friend Laura is. I got to eat dinner with her and her family and got to celebrate Motherhood on Mother’s Day with a Mother. I’m just trying to be a participant! Meanwhile, my Mom and brother are working toward a Mother’s Day dinner in early June. Or, you know, whenever we get to it.

THE WEEK IN FOOD: As typical, I cooked quite a bit on Sunday. The side dishes went to the Mother’s Day dinner and the rest went toward my lunches for the week. The chicken wraps and ban-mi pork wraps (which I ended up eating over rice instead as wraps) made for a good lunch week.

 On Tuesday I wanted some regular chili, the kind similar to what Mom’s in the Midwest have been making for decades I didn’t want to make a whole pot, I just wanted a cup. Bru Burger on 6th has a nice beany version that works for me. That and a beer makes for a simple dinner. Bru’s is a small regional chain with decent food and very mediocre service. I go there occasionally, hoping they’ll get their act together.

 On Thursday I grabbed dinner at A Tavola in OTR, one of my go-to spots because during the week the bar area is pretty wide open and I can read a book while I eat without getting in the way of other diners. I went to get meatballs, but one look at the pasta on the menu triggered a severe carb-crave in my brain. The Pacceri pasta with rustic tomato sauce…and one chicken meat ball worked out just fine. The dish comes with two little scoops of ricotta which is perfect. Because of the shape of noodles, a large, floppy tubes, I think a slice of toasted bread would be a nice addition. I could’ve used the assist getting the past onto the fork.

 As part of a bar tour on Friday, I stopped into Taft’s Ale House. I like their beer a lot, but their tri-tip steak based menu is not my favorite. Still, 3 bars in and hungry, I got one of their sliders and some Brussels sprouts, and was immediately reminded why I usually go there to drink, not eat. The slider with au jus dipping sauce was fine, if a bit salty. They slice the tri-tip steak thin, but it is a stringy cut of meat and that’s just the way it is. The brussels were way under-cooked, so my entire meal was about chewing.

THE WEEK IN HEALTH AND FITNESS: I enjoyed the two-mile up hill walk to UC from my apartment to go to the FCC Match on Saturday. The centerpiece of that walk is Sycamore St. hill which takes me from the downtown basin to Christ Hospital, one of the highest points in the city. There’s a bench halfway that gets A LOT of use.

THE WEEK IN THE JOB SEARCH: Still looking. Somebody out there needs a charming, energetic office manager.

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