Book and a Beer #2

Late afternoon, end of holiday weekend, beer and a book at Washington Park. A peaceable and beautiful afternoon in the hood.

Book: Strangers on a Train by Patricia Highsmith. Reading for book club, our second crime novel in a row. The psychological angle is apparent from the early pages. It’s not a story based on who did the crime, but why they committed the crime. Alfred Hitchcock made a movie based on the book, featuring Farley Grainger, an actor I know nothing about except my Dad used to drop his name because he thought it was a funny name.  I just watched the trailer for the movie on YouTube. Farley is handsome!

Beer: Moerlein FCC Blood Orange IPA a slightly sweet IPA that I like enough to drink one of, but not more. It’s better on draft than in the can, but the park doesn’t have draft beer.

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