What I Learned This Week


Sunday, May 28 – Saturday, June 3


The Week in Doing Things:  I went to the Art Museum and Bunbury Music Festival.

The Week in Good Frites: I also it to one of OTR’s more forward thinking restaurants Pleasantry for Steak and Frites night. Below, though, is a picture of Frites and Steak.  Sure, the steak was perfectly cooked (as expected), but the frites were completely unexpected and delicious. The potatoes are cut and fermented with thinly cut Brussels sprouts for 5 days before fried to order. The have a slightly pungent taste that made me finish every single one. I can’t remember the last time I finished an order of fries. Steak Nite is Wednesday only at Pleasantry. Go get frites and be impressed they came with a delicious steak.

Frites and Steak

The Week in Underwear: I got my first close-up look at what I call lingerie day wear, that is, clothing that I (and most people over 40) associate with lingerie, but are now perfectly acceptable to wear out of the house all day. The redneck version of this is pajamas at Walmart. The 21st century hippie version is lacy bra taps worn as shirts or skimpy body suits worn as the entire outfit. While at TJ Maxx before the Saturday performance began, I contemplated wearing this as a top.


I went for a t-shirt. But…

This Week in Thank Goodness I Don’t Have to Worry About Fashion trends:


What a week!


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