What I Learned This Week


Sunday June, 4 – Saturday, June 10


This Week in Where Did the Time Go?: A couple of my friends have kids graduating high school this month and that means graduation parties. There are two fascinating parts about graduation parties for kids I’ve known their whole lives. 1) I can’t help but think about the graduate as a baby. It’s weird. I see my friends’ kids all the time, but milestone moments like graduations always remind me of like the time I first saw them as a baby. And, 2) It’s a great joy to watch the grandma/grandpa generation somehow all end up together commenting on where the time has gone. That means discussing everyone at the party in terms of “I remember when” while also discussing a run-down of all the people they’ve known who have died, and mixing all of this with descriptions their various geriatric ailments, and medical treatment. Living history!

This Week in Employment: I got a job. I also got a drug test. Peeing in a cup is not a great skill of mine. My highest degree of difficulty is hovering over a port-a-potty. Peeing in a cup, and, because of my lack of skill and fear of dropping the cup,  a little on my hand is a humbling and gross way to start the day.

Lab Corp
The sun rises on pee-in-a-cup palace.


This Week in Women’s Restrooms: Since I’m already talking about peeing, here’s a observation from a restaurant bathroom this week. Speaking only from my knowledge of using women’s restroom’s, women will daintily place their used paper towels in the wastebasket, and continuing to add towels like hygiene-Jenga stacking higher and higher. I don’t have super hero skills, but I can provide a small service to women (and to employees) by pushing the paper towels into the bag. You’re welcome!


This Week in Space: I mean literally, how much space people take up. Goodfellas Pizza in OTR is housed in small store front. The pizza ovens and pizza crust tossing and a display case of cooked pizza is on one side of the main room and that doesn’t leave a lot of space for customers to move around. When I walked in it looked like the line was about half way down the counter, a weirdly long line for a Tuesday night. That’s when I realized it wasn’t a line, it was just two guys. They were taking up about 50% of the space and, even worse, they were indecisive orderers. I just felt like I was so far away from the cash register. Maybe I’m wrong, but line-etiquette suggests you move in a little when someone gets in line behind you. Or, maybe I was just hungry and cranky!

Pizza Display
Trying to get close to my pizza and the cash register…thwarted by two space-takers


This Week in Don’t Waste Alcohol: The best part of being a regular at a restaurant is when the bartender makes an error, I am there go-to person to not let that mis-poured drink go to waste. That’s how my one beer with dinner became a beer and a sangria. So sorry the customer meant white sangria.

drinks (6)
Staying hydrated and cleaning up pouring errors.

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