What I Learned This Week #6

Sunday, June 18 – Saturday, June 24


This Week in “Crap, I’m Out of Onions”: When you cook a lot like I do, having a stocked pantry is one of the keys to success. My house is never without eggs, bacon, garlic, or onions…except when that’s not true. I reached for an onion to chop up to sauté with chorizo to get dinner started on Sunday and there was no onion. I kind of panicked. My pan was already heating up, and I had to turn it off for a minute to regroup. I contemplated stopping everything and running to the grocery, but my cooking wine (i.e. wine for the cook) was already poured. I soldiered on and the recipe turned out fine. Onions tops this week’s grocery list.

This Week in Adulting: I got a new job! The first day of a new job, like the first day of school, is nerve racking and exciting. It is a start, a new beginning, a new hope. Wait, that’s Star Wars. And it’s uncouth to compare Darth Vadar to corporate overlords in the first week of employment. Anyway, I bought some new less fun clothes and shoes then I’m used to wearing, so I’m on my way!

This Week in Domestic Success (Adulting Part 2): My mini vacuum died a week ago and while I could sweep the wood floor, the carpet was accumulating schmutz (dirt and such). I looked at regular vacuums but I decided in my small apartment I was going to let technology work for me and chose knock off version of a Roomba, essentially a robot vacuum. My brand is an Eufy, and it buzzed around my small living room for just over two hours before finding it’s way back to the docking station. My floors look great and I didn’t do a thing!

Eufy, my first robot.

This Week in Running from Adulthood: One of the biggest surprises of my life, as in how I pictured how my life would go and how it actually is, is that I’m not married. I just don’t know where that guy is and I resigned my self to singledom. Cool. But in the summer at the downtown parks, especially in June, I’m beset with the betrothed taking their wedding pictures. Either just the bride and groom, or an entire wedding party, these groups aggressively commandeer photogenic spots…where I am often already quietly sitting reading a book and drinking some iced coffee. I hope I’m a good luck charm!

Best of wishes to these two crazy kids starting their life together with the expense of a photo shoot for pictures they will treasure forever.



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