Crap…I have to go back to work tomorrow…

The four day 4th of July holiday weekend is coming to a close (for people who work that M-F, 8-5 week). Of course, the entire work week is screwed, and I’m okay with that. I’ll be disoriented the entire work week. Totally okay with that, too. I mean, a holiday work-week isn’t complete until you’ve discussed what day of the week it is with at least 3 co-workers.  (“It feels like Monday,”…hardy, har, har!)

Anyway, after four days of sleeping late (plus napping!), reading, watching movies, hanging out, etc., I had to get myself in gear for the remaining work week.

First off, I had to finish the $4.99 close-out bottle of white wine (with screw cap). Delicious. Shout out to Country Fresh Produce in Hartwell whose close-out wine (and regular wine and beer selection is stellar).

$4.99 Wine + Screw Top = Weekend Drinking

Then, I had to put together a quick meal so I could eat off of it for lunch for the next few days. (Lazy weekend or not, my penchant for being organized shines through). Done. I went for a broccoli stir fry. It’s easy. Makes about three servings and looks pretty.

Quick Broccoli Stir Fry
Broccoli stir fry with broccoli coins

Here’s a question from this evening’s cooking…Why aren’t there more recipes for broccoli stems? For years when I buy broccoli for a recipe, I peel the stem, cut it into “coins” and throw those in with the rest of broccoli.  Why would I throw perfectly good broccoli flavor away?  I’ve seen recipes for pickled broccoli stems, but mostly, they get zero respect.

Question 2:Why aren’t broccoli stems/coins on the appetizer menu at hipster restaurants everywhere? Too easy? Well, I’d buy them. If I  owned a restaurant (IF! OMG! Great idea! Funding? Energy Expenditure? … Nevermind)…I would totally have broccoli coins on the menu.

Wine done. Cooking done. Coffee pot set to start brewing at 6 am. Exercise clothes set out. Work clothes set out. I’m ready to go…as soon as these neighborhood yahoos stop shooting off fireworks…

Happy Fourth of July!

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