What I Learned This Week (s) #8 – #9

Sunday, July 2 – Saturday, July 15 


This Week in Over-Programming: I use Sunday’s to “reset” my domestic life so I’m prepared for life outside the apartment for the upcoming week. The day includes taking my Mom to the grocery, but except for those couple of hours, the day is about ME. Clothes are washed. Last week’s uneaten food is tossed and I cook meals for the upcoming week. The apartment gets tidied up (my dining room table gets cleared) and, hopefully there’s time a the end of the day to sit on my favorite chair and squeeze in some book reading and blog writing. The last two Sundays, though, I suffered the beautiful “curse” of living downtown. The curse happens fairly frequently and comes in the form of a text message, usually late afternoon that goes something like: “Hey! What are you doing?” [P.S. My pals punctuate texts which apparently isn’t hip.] That innocuous text is a sly invitation from friends who are hanging out nearby and want me to join them. What can I say? I moved downtown to be out of my apartment, not to be in it so out I go. One missed Sunday-Reset is okay, but two in a row really jolted my daily game. I’m writing this on a Sunday and my phone is off. If I don’t clean my bathroom I will…well gosh, I don’t even know. But it won’t be good.

This Week in Hello Kitty: There’s a kitten in the first floor apartment by the front door. This is not a drill!

Cat in Window
Welcome home!


This week in cosmic signs: There’s a P on the floor of bathroom at work, not pee but a P. I’m adventurous so I reached down and touched the P to make sure it was, indeed, not part of tiling. It’s not. It’s free-standing P. […because for my own curiosity, I leaned down and touched it, that’s how I know!] What does it mean?

P in the bathroom
P not Pee on the bathroom floor.

This Week in Movies: I saw Wonder Woman, Band-Aid, and The Big Sick.

Wonder Woman is a terrific superhero story that works for viewers who aren’t vested in the superhero universes. Example, the young lady on the trolley/bus heading home after the movie told me she wasn’t even going to go see Wonder Woman because she only watches Marvel superhero movies and Wonder Woman is part of the DC brand. So, we can’t even come together over movies any more. Anyway, it’s a good movie with a bright new Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) to inspire kids.

Band-Aid is a small movie written and directed by it’s star Zoe Lister-Jones. It’s a raw, emotional roller-coaster of movie about a couple dealing with a recent miscarriage that is destroying their marriage. They work on healing by writing songs and performing them with their neighbor Dave (Fred Armisen), a quirky guy who plays drums. Lister-Jones also wrote most of the music for the film. It’s a decent film about two people trying to put their lives back together.

The Big Sick is a wonderful movie co-written by and based on the true life romance of Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon. It’s a welcome edition to the modern rom-com canon that puts the way two people feel about each other in a larger social context. The script is very smart because while the film is about Kumail and Emily finding their romance, it’s also about her parents holding on to theirs. It’s funny and sad and I cried repeatedly. Plus, there’s Holly Hunter! She’s so good.

This Week in Reading, Part 1: I always have lists of books to read, but sometimes my physical and electronic pile gets perilously close to empty. A quick trip to the library  “walking the stacks” tides me over until I can order up books from my lists. What happened this week was that I took home two random books that looked interesting and then all 5 of my holds came in the next day. In other words, I went from just having the last 50 or so pages of the book I was finishing with nothing in reserve, to having over 1600 pages in 7 books standing at the ready. Reading, sometimes, is about logistics.

This Week in Reading, Part 2 (actually reading): In an otherwise busy weekend, I had a couple hours on Saturday afternoon that I set aside to take my blankie and my book to the park where I sat under a big damn Maple tree reading. Good Stuff.

This Week in Reading, Part 3 (Showing off): On Friday I went to the Cincinnati Nature Center for Hoots and Hops, an event showcasing Raptors (owls) and local breweries. It’s a terrific event with music and food, much of which they placed out on their trails. Because the Nature Center is an educational facility, there were several places where volunteers provided information about plants and animals. At the feathers table, they had several feathers and the idea was to guess the bird. I was all like, “I don’t know what feather goes to who, but I did read a book on feathers once, and the whole feather thing is amazing.” One of the volunteers perked up, jumped off her chair and went to the tote behind them. “This book?” Yes, it was that book, Feathers, by Thor Hanson, one of my favorite non-fiction science books of all time. Well, that caused a bit of a sensation around the table!

This Week in Owls: At Hoots and Hops, volunteers from Cincinnati Raptor Rescue brought a couple of owls. They are really amazing animals.

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