What I Learned This Week #10

Sunday, July 16 – Saturday, July 23 


This Week in Strategic Lying: Krueger in OTR wants to be known for their meat dishes. The small menu is heavy on sausages and hamburgers. I like the Marguez sausage and the spicy burger. They do a damn fine vege burger which I order frequently, which isn’t meat, obviously, but they make it look like meat. Basically, they have good food, so I was game to try the new lamburger. It was fine as a burger not great, and the house condiments didn’t add much to the experience. Still, when the bartender asked me how I liked it, I said it was good. Well, it was good, per se, but not as good as their other stuff and I didn’t want to get into to. So, #StrategicLie

This Week in Undergarments: I wore the “wrong” bra with my boat neck top to work this week, meaning the straps showed. You know, not so long in the past, that would have been a fashion faux pas that I may not have lived down. In that time I may even have been sent home by my (probably) male boss. But it’s 2017 in America and we have more important things to worry about than bra straps.

This Week in Old Meets New: I went to see the Cincinnati Opera’s presentation of The Magic Flute which is a traveling production that debuted at the Komische Opera Berlin in 2012. Mozart’s opera debuted in a small opera house in 1791 and is part of the traditional opera canon. The new version incorporates video screen projection onto a white wall (with strategically set doors for actors in enter and exit the stage) in lieu of a built-out set. The actors interact with the images and the effect is like watching a live movie. The audience seemed delighted and that’s saying something because the Opera crowd tends to veer toward tradition. I saw a friend in the lobby who said this was her first ever opera. I warned her, this was a very unique staging. Maybe though, it will pave the way for more modern renditions of the classic.

This Week in Packaging: These two products hit my bathroom counter simultaneously. Close call.

colgate v cortisone.JPG
Domestic disaster in waiting…

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