What I Learned This Week #11

Sunday, July 24 – Saturday, July 30

This Week in Restaurant Decor: The best part of the new Mediterranean restaurant I tried, including the food, was the knock-off Grecian bust and souvenir Turkish knife. That is not a good restaurant review.


This Week in Pedicures: I have a love/hate relationship with pedicures. Mostly, I just don’t like spending the money and the time on them. But, my feet definitely look healthier in the summer when I get pedicures every 6 weeks or so. In the winter, when my sandals are put up for the season, I can go back to regular, inefficient toenail hacking and foot moisturizing.

Getting started with a soak. Old polish about to go…

This Week in Weird Things Happen after 1 a.m. In Bars on the Weekend: My friends and I were sitting at a table at Longfellow in the proximity of a couple that were really up in each others face throughout the evening having an intense conversation. When the women left, the man, who had a striking resemblance to Chef Gordon Ramsey plopped his drunk self down at our table. Our romantic friend Jacob suggested “Gordon” should go after his girlfriend. Gordon said not only wasn’t he dating the woman who just left, but he’d just me her that night. Then, unsolicited, he told us she was only number four on his list of girls he even wanted to date. Spots one and two were taken by an old friend and a co-worker, respectively. Spot three, girl number three on Gordon’s list of potential girlfriends, was a cousin of his that he really liked.  At this point we helped him get an Uber to head back home.

This Week in Bigwheels for Adults: The third annual Adult Bigwheel Race: Dangerwheel brought out the daredevils to ride and spectators to cheer, drink beer, and pelt the racers with water balloons. As the day wore on, racers had more challenges added like ramps and driving through emoji balls. The event benefits the tiny Cincinnati neighborhood Pendleton for future neighborhood projects. Best part for me…food trucks parked practically on my street made for a cheap lunch.

Passing through the wall of emoji balls on the way to the finish line.

This Week in Reading: I’ve updated my Books Read page.

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