What I Learned This Week #12

Sunday July, 30 – Saturday, August 5


This Week in The Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra: On Sunday, the CSO offered a free concert as their kickoff to their European Tour. Free concerts always mean “greatest hits” or crowd-pleasers. So there was Gershwin’s An American in Paris, Berstein’s Candide Overture, Dvorak’s New World Symphony, and the fast and extremely modern Short Ride in a Fast Machine by John Adams. I really love when they play it. The first time I heard it was when the CSO played it at Lunenocity in 2014.

CSO freebie
Pre-show empty stage

This Week in Movies: Dunkirk was a terrific and fast-paced movie. I was especially taken by the score written by Hans Zimmer which used the sound of a ticking watch, and other more exotic sounds to convey the mood. Actually, one of the movie credits listed “Exotic Instrument Specialist.” One of the techniques used to drum up anxiousness for the audience is a sound illusion called a Shepard’s Tone, which makes it sound like the tone continues to ascend. The sound helped drive home the intensity of the action. Good looking and good sounding film.

This Week in Summer Tomatoes: I had my first tomatoes on bread with mayo sandwich (TBM) of the 2017 summer tomato harvest. I will eat approximately 500 of these sandwiches before tomato season ends.

This Week in Summer in the Hood: On Thursday after work I had only a vague plan to drink a gimlet, grab a quick dinner, and see a show at The Know. Here’s how that simple plan went: I did start with a gimlet at Japp’s, a cocktail bar that I trusted to make a good cocktail. Then I walked to Washington Park where I knew Eli’s Barbecue would have a food tent set up for Bluegrass in the park. I got a sandwich, but then I was off to a different show.

I walked to the Know theater where I wasn’t sure if there would be tickets left. Luckily there were plenty left so  the box office person told me to leave and come back at 10 til 8, when ticket prices would drop from $25 to $15. I had 20 minutes and an extra $10 to spare…so then I crossed the parking lot and stopped into Below Zero for a Bulleit. Then back to The Know for Maid Marian: Or The True Tale of Robin Hood. A weird little play, performed with great enthusiasm…which is how I describe a lot of what I see there. Then the night was supposed to end. But, the doors of Japp’s were flung open for the nice summer air, and Jess Lamb’s beautiful voice was pouring out. How could I not stop? My pal Warren plays keyboards for her, and Japp’s, as noted, has cocktails. Great night all in a few block radius of my front door and then, finally I could go home.

The Week in Bourbon Head: And the next day I had that sluggish dull headache that suggested I may have been drinking the night before (I was!), and more importantly that I might have been having fun the night before (I totally was!). A little headache is a small price to pay. I firmly believe work should stay way the hell out of the way of an active social life.

This Week in Retail and Defecation: I have a part-time job at TJ Maxx which I love dearly, in part because of the weird stuff that goes on there. People make me laugh, and cry, and every now and then I want to punch one in the face. Those stories are interesting, but what gets people’s attention when I talk about customers is the random acts of defecation. That is, people, for reasons unfathomable to most everyone, poop randomly throughout the store. Sometimes, by the side of the toilet, sometimes in the middle of an aisle (the dress aisle with tall racks is a favorite), but most often in the dressing rooms. The Maxx isn’t alone in this. A Google search will tell you if a store has a dressing room, someone has probably pooped in it. Anyway, it happened on my Saturday morning shift and it was a fun thing to have in my head all day.

black cat at TJ Maxx
Instead of showing the scene of the crime, here’s an equally frightening Halloween cat.

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