Here’s a poem about how relationships define us. And how, even when a relationship ends, we are vested in making sure our side of the story shows us in the best light.



A big thing happened to me last year
A friendship dissolved in slow motion

In real time I didn’t see it coming

Each increment
Probably repairable in isolation
Conspired and built on the last
Paved the way for future incidents
Until finally everything fell apart

I think about what happened a lot
The loss of a friend makes me sad
It wasn’t all my fault
But at least what I did made sense

Here’s the thing:

If I let go of any part, any piece
Of my anger, of my explanation
I take away who I am in this story
Or maybe just who I am


**Photo Credit: A picture I took of a film projected at the Micro-Mini Cinema ( called Home Movie Days – Selections from the Kentucky Amateur Film Archives, July 9, 2017

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