What I Learned This Week #13

Sunday, August 6 – Saturday, August 12 + the 13th

This Week In Fresh and Easy: As you can see from the main picture above, keepin’ a public toilet clean is “Fresh and Easy.” Just attach a tube to the Fresh and Easy dispenser and put it in the toilet where women can pee on it. #FreshN’Easy

This week in Music: There’s a guy at my new job who makes banjos, guitars, and ukuleles which is super cool! He brought a banjo into work this week, and I guess like the way someone who picks up an electric guitar and goes for Zeppelin or Hendrix someone who puts a banjo in their hands goes for the theme from Deliverance. This is not an appropriate song for work.  #SquealLikeAPig #TooCloseToHome

This week in Charcuterie: Look at this beautiful board of meat, cheese, bread, and accouterments from Panino OTR as eaten on their new outdoor dining area.

File_001 (3).jpeg
Panino Charcuterie Board serving 3-4 (amply…I might add)

The week in Packaging: I bought a six pack of bar soap. It’s pretty obvious when you buy a multi-pack that it contains six boxes wrapped together with a plastic label.  It’s also obvious if you shake the package that the soap fills the boxes nicely, i.e. there isn’t a lot of product movement. Nevertheless, somewhere along the line there were a lot of meetings (I’m guessing dozens) to put this “helpful” diagram of the actual size of a bar of soap on the outer label. Questions? asks the label…Just one: If you’re so damn proud of the actual size of a bar of soap, why doesn’t the caption read – “Actual Size!”

File_000 (8).jpeg
An accurate, if unneeded depiction of the size of a bar of Oil of Olay


This Week in Long Weekends: On Friday I hit the road for a long weekend for a houseboat ride with 13 other adults on a lake in Tennessee. I haven’t been on a vacation with that many other fellow travelers in such close proximity since Spring Break in the 1980’s. Houseboating still has beer and shenanigans, but the weekend is framed (marred, tainted, to be more bitter) with adulthood. The lake did not have consistent or strong internet service which was both wonderful and unnerving. The thing is, I was up for the sunrise every morning and there isn’t one picture on my phone of said sun. It still happened. You’ll just have to trust me.



One thought on “What I Learned This Week #13

  1. I was up for at least one sunrise… Photo was underwhelming whereas the real thing whelmed me to the fullest of my capability at the time.

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