I’ll have a Gimlet

I’m in a poetic mood. So much so, I’m writing poems about cocktails. Here’s one about Gimlets.





In the early 1950’s
In a book set in post war WWII Los Angeles
Hard-boiled detective Philip Marlowe
Praised the gimlet
Half gin, half Rose’s Lime Juice
The association with the PI makes the drink popular

Sweet and sharp
Strong but not boozy
A classic cocktail
In a tiny glass
Usually served up, but rocks don’t hurt
A Mid-century sophisticate’s drink

Catching the light
In a craft cocktail bar
In a newly revived part of town
Where it was incorrectly ordered as a jimlet
The drink is known, but not popular
Often, these days reimagined with more exotic ingredients

Still, a gimlet is
As much about knowing what to order
To make an impression
As it ever was

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