What I Learned This Week: #14

Monday, August 14 – Saturday, August 19


This Week in Football: On Tuesday, I saw Cincinnati’s beloved soccer team lose a hard-fought game in OT in the US Cup tourney against the New York Red Bulls. The good guys ran out of gas in the end, but it was the best, funnest hometown loss I’ve ever attended.


This Week in the Bright Lights: My apartment overlooks a park developers have been working on for over a year. It is nearing completion. Last week they installed and turned on the lights. My apartment, which wasn’t dark to begin with, is now pretty light all the time. There are no shades in the top panes of the nearly 14 ft. high windows so light pours in. I’m not a complainer, though. I’m a doer. I bought a sleeping mask. In today’s internet play along game, you can decide which of the two black items is a bra.* #50ShadesOfSleepingAlone


This Week in The Week After Vacation: After a long weekend, back to work on Tuesday, and the soccer game on Tuesday night, I was sorely in need of laundry time and couch time. Not picture worthy, but I’m ready to tackle next week, for sure.


*The little one is the sleep mask. It’s very classy. I feel like a fancy woman from an old time movie. #AudreyHepburn


Audrey Hepburn
I have a sleep mask and an adult -ized bed, but no cat. I sleep great, btw.


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