What I Learned this Week: #15

Sunday, August 20 – Saturday, August 26:


This week in Totality (a.k.a. the Eclipse): The work week started with a black hole of productivity on Monday afternoon as Cincinnati experienced a partial eclipse of the sun. Plenty of my space nerd friends traveled into Kentucky and Tennessee to experience totality. The rest of us mini-nerded-out with space glasses and boxes with holes cut in them to watch the shadow. I thought many people were excited to repeatedly use a four syllable word throughout the day. #Totality

Both eclipse pictures on this post were stolen from my friend Brian Downing’s Facebook page. He was in Tennessee in a Walmart parking lot with the Birmingham Astronomical Society. They brought fried chicken. His experience was a reminder of what’s good in America. United in science. Who’da thunk?

Brians Eclipse
Totality wows the nation!

This Week In Original Flavor: I’ve documented here my disdain for Ranch flavor, but I do have a secret shame…Cool Ranch Flavored Doritos. The science behind that product really works for me. I don’t buy them, but if I’m at a party you’ll have to physically pull my face out of the bowl. If I’m buying Doritos, which I do about once a year (if the sale price works for me), I buy Taco flavor, or original flavor. I find them charming.

Same goes with Cheetos. I prefer original crunchy Cheetos, first introduced in 1948, with cheese puffs (debuting in 1971) in close second. But every now and then, I do need Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. So good. I don’t need them sprinkled on glazed donuts as the local bakery has recently provided, but if I was eleven I would scarf down as many as I could shove down my  gullet.

My point is, snack-wise, I’m an originalist, but sometimes, I let modern flavor sweep me away.


This Week in Faulty Algorithms: On the internet we aren’t people, we are data driven consumers. While we’re clicking around doing our thing, the Internet looks at where we travel in the cyber world and tries to figure out how to get us to spend more money  in the physical financial world. To that end, I, as a post-child bearing aged woman, who doesn’t really like kids that much, I’m trying to think what I purchased on-line or what website I visited to earn this month’s issue of Fit Pregnancy in my mailbox. I’ve read that often our cyber activity indicates what’s truly going on in our personal lives. What do the marketing people know that I don’t? Hopefully, they know the guy’s name. I for sure would love to chat him up!!

Fit Pregnancy 2.jpeg
Surprise! The internet thinks you’re pregnant!

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