Break From Reality: Poetry

Here’s a poem about getting away for a weekend. When I wrote this, I wasn’t just thinking about how great it is to get away, but how lucky I am to be able to do it. Not everyone can afford a vacation, financially or logistically or mentally, or whatever holds them back.  When I go on vacation, I always reflect on how lucky am to have a life and lifestyle that allows it. Plus, I have amazing friends.


At the Lake: Break From Reality

A group of friends
on a house boat
on a tree-lined lake
on a long awaited get away

Here each day is quiet and fun
swimming and playing games
snacking and drinking with abandon
telling jokes and stories
laughing so much

Stepping aside from everyday living
showers and sleep make way
for one more conversation
one more connection
one more glance at the water
or the sun or the moon

Moments suspended in time
a wish this could last
even one more day
but reality calls
and everyone has to get back

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