Book and a Beer/Bourbon #7

Book: Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption by Bryan Stevenson, a book I came about by randomly when I was searching for books college kids were supposed to read over the summer. I hadn’t previously heard of this 2015 book. But, I know that college is supposed to get kids to think outside their box so I knew the book would have challenging ideas. I’m half-way through this non-fiction memoir that lays bare the very real issue of systemic racism and, to a lesser extent, classsism,through the prism of men on death row. It’s eye opening and disturbing.

 The Bourbon: Angel’s Envy, a smooth, slightly fruity bourbon.

The Establishment: Japps in OTR where Jess Lamb, keyboardist Warren Harrison, and guest cellist Kate Wakefield were bringing some tunes to the people.

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