Rosemary Beach – Day One 

Vacations with friends often start early,  in the dark of morning, with clandestine meetings in parking lots. Well, my friend-group vacations start that  way. This trip started quietly in an and industrial park parking lot, but very quickly turned into a tourist vacation to Rosemary Beach, FL, a wee piece of Panama City.

To get things rolling, we decided to eat at the most touristy place we could find. We had a couple options (Boon Docks!) but settled on Pineapple Willies. I mean, c’mon. It just screams mediocre food and fruity drinks with an ocean view. Which is what we got. And had a blast!


In real life, as opposed to vacation life,  I drink serious adult cocktails like bourbon on the rocks and wine. But, as a tourist at Pineapple Willies, I got the “child sized” portion of the house rum drink called Pineapple Willie. Meaning I got 16 oz., not 24 or 36 oz. of sugar and rum. The drink was tasty and Pineapply, but as sweet as sticking my head directly into the gummy bears bag and gnawing my way through.

FullSizeRender 4

I was also please that my deep-fried Po-Boy sandwich came in a red basket, a rare dining occurrence for me that I always get a kick out of. Still, healthy habits die hard. Despite the hard-ass look of me digging into this sandwich, I plucked the fish pieces and left the bun.


Hot tub toes
Ten-toed salute to Rosemary Beach

On vacatation, I get blue toes and hot tubs. Sure, it’s 90 degrees and humid on this September after noon, but I dunked myself right into the hot tub to make some Midwestern stew…you, know, that broth of Mid-western tourists oversoaking in a vat of hot water. Very relaxing.

I did get down to the beach (just blocks away) for a Gulf sunset.

One thing about vacation is I get to get away from the things that bug me in real life. Like, how many times I have to run from wedding parties getting photographed in the park near my house when all I want to do is have a quiet moment. So…


We’re staying in a house and have grand plans to have a meal or two in. Here’s how we’re doing…


More tomorrow….

FullSizeRender 2

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