Rosemary Beach: Day Three

This morning started with a long bike ride from Rosemary Beach down the 30A with a stop for donuts at Charlie’s Donuts, a truck set in Alys Beach that serves donuts delivered from their main bakery in Bonflay, FL.  It just looked good and they were just opening.  I got in line behind two people and when I turned around there were 10 people in line. The donuts were delicious. People can find the doughnuts!

Charlie's donuts
A great way to start the day!


The beautiful thing about a group trip is sometimes you have to eat a meal twice. Like, after my donut I came back to the group and the house and it was time to go to breakfast. If you’re in Rosemary Beach for any amount of time and ask pretty much anyone where to eat they’ll say Cowgirl Kitchen. So, off we went.


The chicken and chorizo burrito covered with queso was plenty, but it came with a side of cheesy grits with green chilies. As a northerner not much makes me happier on a southern breakfast menu than grits. I was full-up food-wise. We missed Grumpy Hour (the 8am – 9 am version of happy hour) but I couldn’t miss the Whole Hog Bloody Mary. Vacation = $25 breakfasts!

The theme of the day was food. We all drove to Grayton Beach where half of us had a  craft lesson at the shard shack. The rest of us went right next door to the local watering hole The Hurricane Oyster Bar where happy hour (a regular time happy hour 3 -6) was in full swing.

Moments after we walked in the bar’s oyster shucker dumped a fresh bag of oysters into the cooler and went to work.

Derrick knew his oysters and moments into shucking the new bag proclaimed the batch to be one of the best he’d seen in a long while. I couldn’t waited for the rest of the group and got right on it. Seriously, the best oysters I’ve ever had! So good.

We loved the place which was had a very local flavor.  Actually, all the food we had was good. And all the TVs were tuned to sports…except the one above us tuned to C-SPAN. Always time for some American Government lessons!


After happy hour we had to make a quick stop to pick up cream for tomorrow’s coffee and we saw got a quick view of some gas station food. Gas station for always kills me! And probably anyone who eats it! Hey-O! Rim-shot!



Speaking of dogs, before we left Grayton beach we got a look at this mural, which I don’t get, but I find it charming.

More adventures tomorrow!




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