Book and a Bourbon #8

Book: The Sheltering Sky by Paul Bowles which I’m reading for book club.

I started reading Sheltering Sky while on vacation not realizing the book is somewhat known as a travel book. Released in 1949, the novel features Kit and Port on a journey to North Africa to save their marriage. This book uses the metaphor of physical travel to map out the journey of spiritual travel. We’re talking traditional, serious, literature. I’m just a little in, but I expect a book with a lot to chew on based on the Wikipedia blurb calling Sheltering Sky a book about post-colonial alienation and existential despair. Not much like my romp on the beach, for sure.

Bourbon: Eagle Rare from Buffalo Trace Distillery, one of my favorites. At Longfellow, where I’m reading and drinking, if you order your spirits on the rocks, they will ask if you want it “ice back”, meaning the cubes of ice are served and a separate glass so you can add them as desired.

Ice back
Ice Back

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