What I Learned This Week: #21

Sunday, October 8 – Saturday, October 14


This Week in Movies: I saw Bladerunner 2019, a brooding, overlong, very pretty, unevenly-scored sequel. The replicants in this version search for meaning and humanity as they travel in densely packed consumer zones, sparse forgotten places where life is apparently more real, and sparsely decorated corporate offices where life is a business. The visuals are terrific. Harrison Ford is nostalgic. Ryan Gosling turns in a melancholy performance but he’s not nearly as charismatic as Ford. Jared Leto does hold his own in his scenes, with Ford, though. The music, mostly ambient with strains of nostalgic pop-culture seeping through, is best when it’s quiet. The punctuating deep tones signifying something was about to happen were a bit much. At 2 hours and 44 minutes the film is easily 15 minutes to long, some might argue it could be been cut more.


This Week in Movie Theaters: I watched Bladerunner at Envision Theater, one of the new breed of movie theaters where you can be served food and drinks with push button service from your seat. I’m kind of a movie purist. When I go to the theater, I don’t want distractions from the screen. But, happily once the movie started, most of the movement in the crowd settled down. The seats are spaced so servers can get through with minimal effort and they are taught to crouch down and move fast. With the big reclining seats, and extra room for servers, the theaters at Envision don’t have a lot of seats. The big sound of the big, Hollywood movie was playing at large theater volume in a small space without enough people to absorb the sound.

Blankets at Envision
The theaters at Envision are kept cool…so grab a blankie on your way in!

This Week in Iconic Local Bars: Though it’s moved a couple times, the Bay Horse Bar has been in Cincinnati since 1817. It has sat shuttered for years but as part of the urban renaissance, it is back. Unlike the hipster bars opening all around, Bay Horse is simple, with just a few local beers on tap and a couple of sandwich options. Oh, and if there’s one bartender and it’s busy, they have zero sandwich options. Bay Horse is a place to go if you’re going to go with the flow.

Hudy at Bay Horse
Classic Cincinnati beer at a classic Cincinnati bar.

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