Blink Cincinnati

Last weekend Cincinnati’s downtown core came alive with Blink, a festival filled with art and light installations that seriously surprised and delighted a ton of people.

Put together by future-thinking creative minds including those who work in the design and marketing firms around the city, they unleashed the spirit of Cincinnati’s Lumenocity. That event featured a light show on Music Hall that in its 3 year run proved so popular, people, especially neighborhood people, literally were fenced out. Blink took the light projection technology, added art, took the entire city as it’s palette and filled it up.  Everyone was welcome, and a good portion of them showed up.  The event was perhaps the best attended event in the history of the city, with over 1 million people making their way to the city core over 4 days.

Spanning twenty blocks from the one of the City’s newest parks, Smale Park on the river, to historic Findlay Market 20 blocks up, new murals, public gathering areas, light installations, and interactive art fill downtown and Over the Rhine.  There was so much to see that one visit was not enough.

I’ve posted some pictures below…if my Facebook page is any indication, the event made a lot of mediocre phone-picture takers look pretty good. But follow the Blink Link to some of the news stories to see some of the video. (I don’t pay extra to allow video on my blog and this is one post that you have to see in motion!)  Some of my favorite light installations were Rosemary Clooney (where crowds stood mesmerized), Memorial Hall, the Court House, and Blink Inc.

The lights and the talent were what brought people downtown, but in this very fractured country of ours, the crowds got my attention, too. All kinds of people rubbed shoulders and shared the experience. Though there were many visitors from all over the world, most of us are neighbors and we acted like it. On Saturday night it felt like every sidewalk was filled with people finding their way and exploring the festival and the city. Urban revitalization is still relatively new, and a lot of people hadn’t been down from the suburbs in years. The joy in the air was palatable.

The event kicked off with a well-attended event on Thursday night.

The See-Saws were part of the Smale Park/Banks displays.

At the see-saws in Smale Park, children and adults alike shared rides with strangers on a large playground toy.


The Applause sign and Blink ink:


Charlie Harper, a popular mural got the animated treatment:

charley harper
Charlie Harper, a Cincinnati-based artist, had his mural by the library come to life.



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