What I Learned This Week: #23

Sunday, October 22 – Saturday, October 28


The Week in Dressing for Your Age: At work on Friday I wore one of my classic “ugly” shirts. A paisley-esque swirl of delight. Our young new hire sees the shirt and is clearly appalled. But he’s polite so he reaches for a compliment: “My Mom would like that shirt.” And, in an instant, my shirt choice becomes a metaphor for mortality. Thanks, kid!

Paisley Shirt
Great shirt…apparently popular among Mom’s and elderly people!


This Week and Flavors for the Season: I try to avoid getting consumer sucker-punched by pumpkin spice madness, but man, I like pumpkin that shit is every where. This year I decided to compromise with Starbucks’ Fall Blend. They say it’s “Hearty with Spice.” I made a pot of Fall Blend to experience Fall via my palate. Mayhaps my dainty tastebuds can’t detect the autumn spice, but I believe the only thing fall about this coffee is the package. Starbucks Fall = Starbucks Fail. Also, the only thing bitter about this coffee is the consumer.

Starbucks Fall Blend.jpg
Fall Blend. Hearty. Spice Notes. Bull Shit!

This Week in Art: I’ve been planning to go to Final Friday Art Walk at the Pendleton Art Center since I moved downtown, literally living about 1 1/2 blocks away. Celebrated on the last Friday of the month, it took me a mere 60-ish weeks to finally walk over. And WOW! Eight floors of art and artists in an old creaky building. They say the largest collection of artists under one roof in the Country. I’m not going to argue with their marketing.  I was over-whelmed.

I didn’t take pictures of the art (Obviously), but I got a couple snaps of the bead shop and the manual elevator. That gives an idea of the spirit of the place.



This Week in Books and Book Nerds: On Saturday Afternoon I went to Books by the Banks. In it’s 10th year, the low-key event is a book lovers feast celebrating authors and reading.  The features national, regional, and local authors, many of who participate in panel discussions, but all sit at tables with their books interacting with readers. The free event offers something for everyone from families to singular geeky readers like me.

I always go to one of the author panels, and it doesn’t matter who I see, I’m just interested in what they have to say. A few years ago, my first book by the banks author talk featured Gone Girl’s Gillian Flynn just as her book was taking off…she was lovely and her description of getting her husband to proofread was charming.

This year I stumbled into a panel of young adult, narrative non-fiction (where 3 of the 4 authors had illustrated books). The four panelists were very different in their approach and style, but all agreed they thought non-fiction books could inspire kids to do great things…if only we could get them to read these books.

Author Andrew Maranniss spoke about his book Strong Inside which he initially wrote as a book for an adult audience and then edited that version to create a version for teens. Just listening to him talk about his subject made me buy a copy (the adult version) and that connection is what Books by the Banks is all about.





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