What I Learned This Week: #25

Sunday, November 5 – Saturday, November 12


This Week in Water + Books = Bad: Via social media I learned that Whitaker Elementary School in my old neighborhood suffered a freak flash flood in its library. I didn’t go to to Whitaker for elementary school (I went to the long-ago-torn-down-but-remembered-fondly Cottonwood Elementary), but Whitaker is a feeder school to my High School Alma Mater. As a Finneytown grad and book geek, I was glad to send some money to help get the library back up to speed.

Whittaker flood
Water broke through a stairwell ruining hundred of books and causing other damage.

This Week in German-Style Meat: Bauer Farm is a new-ish restaurant specializing in German style food with a heavy French influence, focusing on locally sourced ingredients. The friendly service and comforting decor helps gloss over some of the restaurant’s weaknesses. The cocktails and wine selection are a particularly glaring problem. The Brandy Old-Fashioned was some kind of cruel cocktail joke…just awful. The wine selection, too, needs some help. Some of the dishes on the menu demand full bodied wines and they are difficult to find. My group gave up trying, settling for red we deemed “good enough”.

The charcuterie board, serving four was delicious and well-presented. The spaetzle gratin was decent, but the spaetzle itself was heavy and a little chewy. My friends shared a spargel salad that they had a hard time eating because the kale was cut in large pieces which were hard to chew. The schnitzel was decent, as was the Avril’s seasonal sausage. The outstanding dish on the table was the Sauerbraten Shortribs, beautifully braised with winter vegetable sauce (reduced from the cooking liquid) and spaetzle. Bauer Farm has room to grow, and I’m looking forward to going back in a month or so to check them out. On a cold night, their menu has comfort potential that needs to be explored!

Dish of the night: Sauerbraten Shortrib

This Week in Burning Fossil Fuel to Save the Planet: Gosh, I try to do my part to reduce my impact on the earth. I recycle paper, of course, but also batteries, light bulbs, and small appliances. I hold onto my ex-stuff until a Super-Recycling Event comes along. Super-Recycle events often take all the items I save and more, including difficult to recycle stuff like tires and paint. On Saturday, I went to what is probably the last one in Cincinnati until spring and waited with dozens of other cars, all with our engines idling, for 45 minutes. When I pulled out, even though the event was to supposed to have ended, the car line to recycle was even longer. I think we may be doing this save the earth stuff wrong.

This Week in Being Prepared for Winter: Saturday night was the first night this year I felt I needed gloves. I grabbed a pair from the winter pile and off I went…dressed for a nice dinner, wearing two right gloves. #WinterAttireFail

Also on Saturday, I cut through Fountain Square on my walk to dinner.  I saw plenty of folks ice skating at the Square’s winter rink and I was surprised to see that the fountain itself was still turned on. On the way back, on a night that wasn’t that particularly cold, parts of the statue were shrouded in ice. Kinda cool looking.


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