What I Learned This Week: #30



It’s Christmas Eve. I’m eating Indian food, drinking some beer, listening to Christmas music, reading, and reflecting.

Me and my family don’t celebrate any of the holidays surrounding this time of year, but I personally take the opportunity to remember the words of Jesus, the man whose life and teachings are the underpinnings of Christmas and the holiday season.

His words are good: A solid foundation on which to base one’s life here on earth. I’m not a fan of the religion (and sects) he spawned, or interpretations of the Bible that leads so many astray. But I’m supportive of those (many of whom are my friends) who use religion to follow his teachings and shape their lives for the better good of their selves, their families, and their communities.

I choose to look past the political and capitalistic interpretations of the Bible and remember the true spirit of Christmas, not just today and tomorrow but throughout the year. I want to treat all people equally and not judge. I want people who are different than me to not be cast as sinners, but as humans making their way the same as me.

Jesus’s bible doesn’t talk about Supreme Court judges, immigration, or capitalism. It calls for caring for each other and for the world God created. I want to focus on and remember the spiritual teachings. It’s a hard message to hold this year. The spiritual message seems to be lost in the trappings of worldly/political wants and desires. I have to believe if we really did what Jesus would do, a lot of this weird stuff would disappear.


Merry Christmas to those who celebrate in the name of Jesus. And Merry Christmas to those who celebrate to honor his spirit.



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