What I Learned This Week: #31

Sunday, December 24 – Saturday, December 30


The Week in The Last Week of The Year: The tumult of Christmas reaches its fever pitch on 12/24 and 12/25, but the last week of the year is still filled with some final social obligations and activities. I got to go to a couple lunches with friends working light weeks and up with met some other friends at Karaoke night. I took my last load of donations to the Goodwill, a long-standing end of year tradition, and, got back to exercising more regularly now that my second job (in retail) is scaling back on hours.

I read my final book of 2017 (In the Distance) and finalized my list of Books read for the year (#booknerd). I saw one last movie, The Shape of Water. 2017 was a year of change for me. I took a moment to look back. I got a new apartment, a new job, and a new car. All good! And after all that…

The Week in Looking Forward: The end of December means there’s often a lot of deals on social events I traditionally attend throughout the year. This year, I found deals on Wine Festival Tickets and Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra tickets. That’s 4 weekends of plans already made! I made doctor’s appointments for the new health benefit year. I organized my 2017 paperwork so I can get to it for taxes, and made room for 2018’s incoming paper. I don’t make resolutions, but I do start the year with dry January (no alcohol until 2/1). Politically the world has gone crazy, but if I can stabilize my little part, I’ll feel I’m ahead of the game.

I bought 3 shows which counts as a subscription. They must be excited I’m coming, because I got my tix (hand-written address!!) within 48 hours.


The Week In Working From Home: At my main job, we are required to work from home between Christmas and New Year’s. I’m terrible at it, but I think I stayed away from as many temptations as I could and got some work done. It helped a bit that we’re in a cold snap which kept me under blankies for a good portion of the week.


The Week in Pulling It All Together: Here’s the evening where I finished reading the last book I’ll squeeze in this year, had a bourbon, and stayed wrapped up in warm socks and house shoes. A very decent night!

Good book, good bourbon, warm socks!


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