What I Learned This Week: #32

Sunday, December 31 – Saturday, January 6


The Week in Expirations: 2017 ended (I celebrated by turning the page of the book I was reading at the time), Additionally, though I’m pretty serious about my food expiration dates, I found a nearly empty bottle of worcestershire sauce in the fridge that expired in May of 2016.  I COULD HAVE DIED! (That’s a little drama to start the new year.) Anyway, I began 2018 by pouring that old sauce down the sink. I hope it’s a metaphor for great things to come!

Out with the old…


The Week in Freezing: After a couple mild winters, we got hit with a real cold snap. It turns out I don’t really have enough warm socks for a cold snap that last more than four day. Lack of clothing and severe hatred of cold wind kept me in all week after work. Finally, on Saturday afternoon the sun came out, the wind died down, and the temperature, well, it also stayed down, but two out of three got me off my reading chair and into the great wide open for some coffee. Surprisingly medicinal.

So excited to be out of the house taking a picture of coffee, I didn’t worry about the shadow of the camera!

The Week in Terrible but Pretty Recipes: Before I threw this pack of mushrooms in the beef and barley soup I made on Sunday night, I thought briefly about making this recipe. It seems so simple.

Minimalism may not have a place in recipe writing

This Week in Dry: It’s the first week of Dry January meaning no alcohol until February 1. Well, 2/1 is the stretch goal. Life’s too short to deny myself for the sake of a personal challenge. I mean, I’ll try, but I do like bourbon and a nice stout when it’s cold. So, it’s still a win if I make til Martin Luther King Day. I’m either 1/2 or 1/4 of the way through.

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