What I Learned This Week: #33

Sunday, January 7 – Saturday, January 13


The Week Stopping:  I continued to stop drinking…I’m 1/2 way through dry January. The cold, windy weather has mostly, but not completely, stopped me from going too much. And, I totally stopped wearing one of my favorite shirts because I put it on, went in the bathroom to comb my hair, and realized raising my arms even a little would cause my belly to show. Gross!  But man, I’ll miss that shirt.

The Week in Not Totally Letting Winter Win: I had tickets to the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra’s Mozart and Mahler program on Friday. The concert started about the same time the worst of the small winter storm was passing through. The CSO warns repeatedly in emails to subscribers that they do not cancel shows. So, I bundled up and headed over. My 10-ish minute walk wasn’t so bad because I was prepared. I wore snow cleats in case it was icy (it wasn’t) and declined to be embarrassed when along with checking my coat, I pulled out a grocery bag to put my snow cleats in.

I don’t know if there were 500 people in the audience, but for Mahler’s Titan Symphony in the second half of the program there were nearly 100 musicians on stage. Conducted by James Conlon in his first return to Music Hall since he stepped down from heading the May Festival, the orchestra responded with a tight performance. The entire symphony is moving, but I particularly like right near the very end when all of the sudden a bunch of music stands fly up in the french horn section. Suddenly, all nine french horn players were standing up and the whole orchestra was blasting toward the end. Thrilling.

The Week in Home Fries: I don’t peel potatoes very often, mostly because I hate wasting the skin which is perfectly edible. This week, not only did I peel potatoes, but I remembered to do the thing I saw on the interwebs whereby the skins are dried on a paper towel, tossed in oil and seasoning, and baked until crispy. And then I stood over my kitchen counter and downed the whole batch in like 5 minutes. I guess I’ll be doing that again!


The Week in Juvenile: I did go out for lunch and a walk in the sunshine the day after the snow. I wasn’t out long, but when I got back, there was an art installation by the front door of my apartment.  Instead of thinking about how much I pay for for rent to live like an adult, I focused on my inner 12-year old, which was just thinking: “heh-heh there’s a dong on the lawn.”


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