What I Learned This Week: #34

Sunday, January 13 – Saturday, January 20


The Week in Bland: I’m not going to blame my sick co-worker for coming to work and spreading it around. I’m going to thank him for a couple of days of food I like, but I don’t get around to very often. Here’s to Toast! Cream of Wheat! Crackers! Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup!

The healing power of oyster crackers.

The Week In Mother Knows Best: I was practically finished with my cold and then it was time to take Mom out for her weekly grocery shopping trip. She used our time in the pharmacy aisle to shame me for not taking advantage of “the things they make” that make you get over colds faster. She made me buy a pack for the next time I feel something coming on.

Cold-Eze and Thermometer.jpg
My Mom made sure I’m prepared for my next bout with a cold. #Awwww!

The Week in Forbidden: I decided to stick religiously to Dry January and not give a self-papal-esque dispensation for the purpose of consuming my traditional, medicinal shot of Jagermeister. The extra cup of green tea wasn’t quite the same. The allergy medicine dries up my sinuses and knocks me out, it just isn’t as amusing.

I opened the freezer, gave the Jager a longing look, and shut the freezer. #DryJanuary

The Week in The Holy Grail of Ramen Packets: About 3 years ago I found a pack of ramen noodles at the Saigon Market in Findlay Market that had 5 seasoning packets. It tickled me to death, but I could not remember the brand and haven’t had it since. Accidentally came across it this week. A little entertainment with my classic single-person dinner.

I can’t quiet identify for sure what’s in each flavor pack, but I’m going with dried onions, a thick soy-type sauce, chili oil, green stuff, and seasoning.

The Week in Something New: I discovered the artist Fernando Botero. A wonderful discovery.

The Week in Getting the Reading Year Going: The weeks at the end of the year going into the beginning of the new year are among my most prolific reading weeks of the year. It’s cold. I’m mostly inside and not much is going on. This week I finished two books. The Cooking Gene by Michael Twitty was disappointing because it could’ve been an excellent book, it had all the elements: They just weren’t tied together well. When the English Fall by David Williams was a surprisingly quiet and spiritual book that takes place in an Amish community. After a solar storm disrupts the electrical grid and urban life, the collateral impact forces the community to make some tough decisions. I enjoyed it very much.

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