What I Learned This Week: #36

Sunday, January 28 – Saturday, February 3


The Week in Not Drinking, Then Drinking: Dry January, a month of not drinking alcohol ended with a Blanton’s Bourbon at my favorite OTR bar Longfellow shared with a pal who also Dry January-ed. I was only tempted to have a drink 2 times during my exercise. I wanted a margarita while sitting at the bar at my favorite Mexican restaurant and tried not to ogle the other margaritas within my reach on the bar. The other time was when I returned home after daring to shop at Ikea on a Saturday afternoon. At that point, a relaxing cocktail would have been wonderful.

I enjoy drinking beer, wine, and spirits as responsibly as I can. But mostly I like sitting a bar and sharing an activity with other like minded individuals. As I get older, drinking excessively is harder to bounce back from, probably a sign that it’s not healthy. But missing out on the social connections could be just as unhealthy. Moderation, my friends!

Blanton’s. Heaven!

The Week in Hot Dogs: To celebrate my last dinner out for Dry January, I treated myself to one of my favorite dishes on Vine Street in OTR – The Trailer Park Hot Dog from Senate.  Along with the house lemonade (delicious, but it’s no IPA), the Trailer Park Dog is a  bacon wrapped beef hotdog, American cheese, coleslaw and crushed Grippos on a brioche bun. Good stuff.

Trailer Park Dog and an Electronic Book

The Week in Rats: The Micro Mini Cinema played the documentary feature Rats (2016). It was an interesting, high-concept documentary using rats as a metaphor for political, demographic, and economic issues in Baltimore. The tag line is “There ain’t ever been a rat problem in Baltimore. It’s a people problem.” Part of the film shows two men fishing for rats with the intent of whacking the rodent with a bat to kill it. One of the women watching was vocally panicking as the moment came near. The action was never shown, thankfully, but the outcome was. She seemed okay.

Stepping away from the multi-plex!

The Week in The Blues: The Cincinnati Blue Society is a non-profit group that aims to keep the blues alive through performance and education. This week they brought their Winter Blues Festival to the Convention Center, one of their better choices of location. I went on Saturday, enjoying Strum ‘ Honey, Leroy Ellington, the Jack Wilkins Quartet, and Jane Lee Hooker. For 25 bucks there was a lot of bluesy music, but the “heritage” part of the festival gets a little lost. When I walked in to see what Tim Mays and Steve Smith sounded like, I was surprised to hear bluegrass music. It was really good, music but not what I was expecting.

Blues Line Up.jpg
Lots of great music

The Week in All Girl Bands: Jane Lee Hooker, which sounds like a gimmick band – all girl blues band, John Lee Hooker pun –  started their Blue Fest set a little rough, but by they settled in to a nice vibe. I think the old man who first stood about 20 feet from the stage, then walked up to the stage inspired them to overcome the creeper and prove themselves.


The guy with the hat took about two songs to get to the stage…the only person standing up that close. He loves….blues.
Jane Lee Hooker.jpg
The ‘super fan” may have just wanted to be closer to the lead singer Dana “Danger” Athens.

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