What I Learned This Week: #38

Sunday, February 11 to Saturday, February 17


The Week Without Pictures: This week was kind of retro, in that I did stuff, but just didn’t commit any of it to electronic imagery. Even without photographic evidence, I had a week.

The Week in Unexpected Compliments: Each Sunday I take my Mom grocery shopping. We approach the task with great joviality because, well, why not? We’re lucky to be able to buy products every week and the trips are more enjoyable as entertainment than as a task. Well, we kept running into a woman throughout the store (as you do going from aisle to aisle) and she ended up in the checkout line right behind us. As we were leaving, she said she’d never seen two people who enjoyed shopping so much. She found us cute. AWWW!

The Week in Weird Leftovers for Breakfast: I had a dinner party last Saturday. I knew I could pack the pork and rice for lunch, finishing that up without waste.  But there were still odds and ends left from cooking a meal for 6 people. So, for breakfast for a couple days I had leftover spring rolls, leftover bread with leftover deviled eggs, and more leftover bread with peanut butter. By Thursday, I was pretty excited to get back to yogurt.

The Week in Pizza: It’s just exciting to get on the internet, not have to talk to anyone, order my perfect pizza, walk one block to Goodfella’s Pizza, and pick up dinner. It’s a treat. Plus, my inner frat boy loves leftover pizza…a welcome leftover.

The Week in the Olympics: Probably one of the biggest reasons there’s no pictures this week, I’ve spent many hours watching the Olympics and it’s tough to get a picture of inspiration!

The Week in Ebay: Also not photogenic, I won an auction on Ebay. The adrenaline in the last minute of an auction is as close to being an Olympian as I can muster.

The Week in Books Read: I finished two books this week! First, Michael Lewis’s the Undoing Project which was okay and second, Ghosts of the Tsunami, which as pretty good. I have reviews on my book page.

The Week in Love (Or Platonic Mushiness): The only photo-worthy event of the week, and I just wasn’t paying attention. This year I bought a box of kids valentine’s, the kind little kids take to class. Actually, I’m not sure what V-day looks like at school these days. We used to decorate a “mail box” and our classmates would drop in Valentine’s Day cards. Anyway, this year I used my box of Valentine’s to celebrate platonic love with my co-workers. For adults (paired with a piece of Dove Dark Chocolate), the card was an amusing thing to find on their desk in the morning. That, along with conversation hearts and two guys from the sales department dressed as cupids made for a fun day at work.


valentines hearts.jpg
I’d like to talk about how wintergreen is a flavor included in this set of flavors



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