What I Learned This Week: #41

Sunday March 4 – Saturday March 10


The Week in Musical Blasts From the Past: When I drive home from work, I listen to the radio by hitting search, stopping for a bit, and hitting search again. I find it’s the best way to hear the most variety of music and opinion. Of course, the scattershot approach to listening means I’m often taken unawares by what I hear. This week I heard I song I vaguely remembered listening to when I was little “Make Your Own Kind of Music.” It took me a minute to pull the singer, Mama Cass Elliot from my brain files. Cass Elliot found fame as a member of the Mamas and the Papas, was a personable singer with a mean drug habit. In the late 60’s she stood up for over weight girls as the feminist movement started taking shape. Make Your Own Kind of Music is a simple song with an empowerment message. I vaguely recollected the lyrics as I sang along. And when I got home I googled her to check my memory about the cause of her death, largely rumored to be her choking on a ham sandwich. In fact, she died in her sleep, possibly drug related. I remember I liked her a lot and I remember that story was sad even though I knew it wasn’t true.

cass elliot
This is my mind’s picture of Cass Elliot

The Week in Biscuits: Boomtown Biscuits is OTR’s (Technically Pendleton’s) newest restaurant opened very recently and I dropped in mid-week for a try. The small space was busy, but I got a spot at the bar. I recognized a couple of the bartenders and servers so I knew I was in good hands. I got the cheese grits on an egg, and though it could have used a few more pieces of bacon on top, it was good. I should note, the only reason I didn’t get a biscuit was because as I sat down the lady next to me was eating the grits with great glee and suddenly that’s what I wanted. I’ll definitely be back for biscuits though, because as I watched other folks at the bar  eating their biscuits like they were falling in love, I wanted to eat that too. My appetite only goes so far. The place looks like it’s still getting it footing, seemingly way over-staffed and with pricing that looks to need some adjusting. The outside patio will provide additional seating and, I think, a different vibe. Inside is the plainly decorated space with enough wood to make Boomtown one of the few restaurants in the neighborhood with decent acoustics. I look forward to going back.

Menu, bar, kitchen: Boomtown is off and running!

The Week in Spice: I’ve been a spice snob for years and I blame it on Penzeys. I’ve been ordering for over 20 years. They’ve delivered to all the placed I’ve lived and some of the placed I’ve worked. Nearly every co-worker who sits in close proximity to me gets wrapped up in a Penzey’s order. My haul for this order makes me happy enough. Getting my cube mate to buy Northwoods Seasoning is the greatest!


The Week in Auction Lots: I’ve been bidding on Ebay to boost up and refresh my collection of miniatures. Sometimes an item I want is part of lot, or group of miniatures. If the price is right, I’ll buy the entire lot and keep just what I want. This week, I wanted the miniature fire truck. To get it I got a couple other items that aren’t my style but at least their not awful. The lot also included this one creepy-ass mini-clown that I feel I need to seal up in a locked box over night in case he comes to life and wants to hurt me. Yikes.

Fire truck good. Fire Clown bad!!!!

The Week in Wine: Each year the Cincinnati International Wine Festival hosts two grand tastings which is billed to provide over 700 wines from 250 wineries. I went to the 2 hour afternoon session.  Of course, it’s not physically possible, or in any way advisable, to attempt to drink 700 wines, or even 250 in such a short time. I try to navigate to medal winners just to narrow it down. When those table become too crowded, I look for something new. I always find something to drink for the coming year. It’s a fun and tipsy time.



Affluent customers.jpg
This table, for a company that installs wine cellars is super classy. Nothing says affluent like a hand-written (with ball point pen) on a folded piece of pink paper. The exclamation point, though, that says they are serious!



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