What I Learned This Week: #42

Sunday, March 11 – Saturday, March 17


The Week in Academy Awards: I saw the A Fantastic Woman, Chile’s entry and winner of the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film of 2017. The movie is topical and acted fearlessly by Daniela Vega, as Marina, a young trans women whose older lover dies suddenly. The directing is clever bordering on heavy-handed. This is a good movie, but interesting choice for the best the world has to offer.

fantastic woman

The Week in Baked Goods: I don’t mind going to the dentist if for no other reason then to hear how good I am at making tartar. I’m apparently quite good, and so proud. But also a dentist visit means I’m walking around early in the morning and can choose my walk home to pass the Brown Bear Bakery, which is hardly ever open when I’m around. I love their savory Cheddar and Chive scone, which is very subtle in flavor. The cinnamon roll is more delicate than what many bakeries make, with a hint of citrus in the icing. The baked goods are delicious, and the owner, who waited on me this week, is super friendly and happy.  Great place.

I actually ate my scone before I remembered to take a photo. So here’s Brown Bear’s official shot of the yum!

The Week in Being an Citizen: A few years ago, my taxes got a little more complicated than my non-math brain could handle. Plus, tax law? Not my jam. Part of the complication is that some of my documents have later deadlines than, say, my regular W-2. I spend the first month’s of the year alternating between sweating about taxes and completely forgetting about them. Any way, it’s done. I shook my head “yes” at everything they told me.

Another lazy screen grab to make the blog page more visually interesting. Taxes are fun!

The Week Drinking. Exhibit A – A shot of Bulleit Rye: I asked for a shot of Bulleit over ice. The bartender said, “Let’s call this a shot.” That’s what I call a shot at home, so I was down with his measurement.

Shot measurement works in my favor!

The Week Drinking. Exhibit B – St. Patrick’s Day: Yeah, I don’t know how I thought starting my day at 9 am and drinking until 4 would be a good idea, but I knew it would be fun. Cincinnati isn’t really known for it’s St. Patrick’s Day festivities, as proven in the breakfast I ate. Instead of eggs and corned beef, I had eggs and goetta (Cincinnati sausage). But Molly Malone’s in Covington which does me right all year long with their excellent fish and chips and well-poured Guinness, really pulls out the stops. We drank and danced and laughed for hours. I was doing okay, really, until on the way home we stopped for the dreaded “one more drink.” The choice: An Irish Car Bomb. I know, totally insensitive to actual Irish people, but it’s a great American drink with no alternative name. I drank it, completing my drinking day, and, for all intents and purposes, the rest of the day. I was done.

The Week Drinking. Exhibit C- Hangover: I’ve decided to blame my Saturday evening hangover on “one last drink” not the first 4 drinks and lack of water/hydration.  At least I only drank good beer. No green Bud or Miller for me. My hangovers are classy.

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