What I Learned This Week: #50

Sunday, May 6 – Saturday, May 12


The Week in Changing Seasons: Winter has finally stopped fighting and warm weather is here for a while. Finally, after a couple weeks of dressing for the struggle, my clothes closet is reorganized with the summer stuff front and center, and the winter stuff packed away. The switch-over, the physical exercise of touching each item of clothing as I pack it away, or bring it out for the new season is something I take more seriously since I moved into an apartment. Even though I don’t think I buy a lot of clothes throughout the year, I always am able to donate a garbage bag full at both the Winter to Summer and Summer to Winter season changes. And I have not once ran out of things to wear.

The Week in Fancy Snacking: As much as I despise Ranch Dressing (The Opiate of the People), I very much enjoy Doritos Cool Ranch Flavor. Actually, I like most snack foods because they aren’t real food, but delicious, crispy science experiments. Anyway, one of my favorite low-rent snacks is to slice an  avocado, sprinkle it with Penzey’s seasoned salt and hot chili powder and sprinkle on a few drops of good tequila. The seasoned avocado takes its righteous place on a Cool Ranch Doritos chip and it is one palatable snack that you could be proud to eat at any Hipster establishment that would dare to serve it.


This Week in a Book and a Beer: The Sawtooth Wolf pack is a well-know pack in conservationist circles, but I’d not heard of them or the work of Jim and Jamie Dutcher with National Geographic. Their book, The Wisdom of Wolves falls into a category of non-fiction where the actual mechanics of the book aren’t that great, but the story, and the passion of the writer’s sharing their mission makes the book enjoyable and worth spending some time with. I learned a lot about wolves, and that’s the overall point.


The Week in Lady Parts: A friend with a sense of humor found a bag of buttons all aimed at showcasing the lighter side of female anatomy. She sent it to me via USPS and it just so happened I picked up my mail in the morning on my way to work (instead of the previous evening). So, I opened the package at work and there I sat with a handful of colorful, hilarious, not work appropriate messages…and enjoyed it immensely.

The Week in Wedding Trends: I went to a wedding of 20-something-year-olds as part of a new phase in my life where I go to the weddings of my friends’ kids. Weddings and receptions are culturally ingrained and there’s not a lot of major deviation even as each generation tries to put its own stamp on the proceedings. One trend that is a keeper is the artful stack of donuts (or wedding wall or some offering of donuts) instead of a wedding cake. Wedding cakes are pretty, but people lose their damn minds over donuts.

Donuts! Let them eat Donuts!

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