What I Learned This Week: #52

Sunday, May 20 – Saturday, May 26

The Week in the Cusp of Summer: Thursday night Salsa on the Square has already been going on for two weeks a harbinger of all the weekly summer programs on the Square and all over Downtown and OTR. It was my first visit of 2018 and I started slow by having a glass of wine above and behind the Square at Via Vite as the night kicked off below. Dancing, beer, tacos from Mazunte, and smiling faces every where!

As the evening kicked off, I kicked back with a glass of wine at Via Vite.

The Week in New Places to Grab a Beer: I’ve been walking past the corner that now houses 3 Points brewery for months.  I’ve Mrs. Kravitz-ed the arrival of beer making equipment, furniture and staff. And I wondered how a brewery that small was going to work. Well, they soft-opened for the neighborhood on Friday and it turns out, when all the paper is off the windows and the windows are thrown open, the place is huge. Based on how well the staff handled the onslaught of curious customers, service there is going to be attentive. I definitely should mention the beer is good.

The Post Coast IPA (ABV 6.5%) was smooth and light and the Sinking Orca Oatmeal Stout (5.0 ABV) was tasty and drinkable even on a warm evening. The stout was particularly welcome in a city where the local brewers (generally) aren’t getting it done on the stout front.

The Week in Keeping it Real: The Cocktails at Hi-Mark in Covington are fancy with fancy ingredients. Or you could just get some alcohol poured into Fresca. I generally don’t drink soda at all, but I got wrapped up in the bar’s enthusiasm and ordered a glass (poured from a can by the bartender) to go with my beer. My friend opted for an actual mixed drink and we both had a refreshing, Fresca moment.

Oh, and the wings and chili at Hi-Mark were outstanding.


The Week in The Future is Now: My buddy got delivery on the Tesla he ordered over two years ago. It is a very exciting and new way to drive, all dictated by the on-board computer system and the cell phone app. The car knows when to turn on windshield wipers and when to lock and unlock doors. The display on the 17-inch hi-resolution tablet/dashboard in fairly intuitive and not as distracting as you would think. Driving around Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, the internet connection, mapping and media controls were lightening fast. It rides pretty smooth, too. I don’t if all cars are going to run like this, but we are definitely headed to an era where the bulk of the driving is programmed and run by a computer, not by the physical presence and actions of the human.

The Tesla turned itself off (“Went to sleep”) when we got out to get lunch and turned itself on when we returned.

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