What I Learned This Week: #53

Sunday, May   – Saturday, June 2

The Week in One Year: Just gonna pat myself on the back for a complete year of “What I Learned This Week” posts. This blogging exercise is less about readership than writer-ship. It is a way to force me to write and put my week into perspective and to call attention to the things that impact me. One of my biggest peeves of adulthood is that we don’t stop to take stock in ourselves and what’s happening around us. The calendar compresses and compartmentalizes our lives into 24 bites. I look back at a week, 168 hours instead of a mere 24 and use that to lead me in my future endeavors. A better tomorrow starts with an understanding of what is happening today. And to understand what’s happening, you have to stop for a second and take a look at it.

The Week in Bunbury: This weekend I’m attending Bunbury Music Festival on the Ohio River. I go every year to this small, under the radar music festival and it’s always a delight. My first band was Everything Everything on Friday. They put on a nice show, a little more muted than what I expected, but they did a good job.

I did a little prep work this year, but still am not familiar with most of the bands. No matter. I just go and let it wash over me. When the band says “throw your hands up in the air,” I do. When they say “clap”,  I do. When the say “jump,” I do (well, I pretend to). Anyway, I listen. I learn. I jam.

The Week in Cutting it Short: Bunbury is taking up the majority of my Sunday. It’s like a full time job. So, I gotta go…

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