What I Learned This Week: #56

Sunday June 17 – Saturday, June 23


The Week in Anniversaries: I achieved my 1-year anniversary at the job I started, you guessed it,  last year. No body cares about 1 year work anniversaries, but I do. I brought pastries in for the team. The way business works in the 21st century, my job could be eliminated or out-sourced right out from under me. One year could be 20% of a career with a particular company. That’s something, right?

The Week in Trending Alcohol: At 1215 Wine there is always a featured rosé wine, and I always bypass it for a variety of wine that’s good. Ha Ha! I’m no fan of the rosé. It is (still) trendy/popular even though a lot of what passes for rosé is crap. But I’m open minded, so, at least in the summer, when I go to 1215 I give the featured rosé a shot. This time, it was actually pretty good. So I had myself a trendy glass.

Oh, and as I was drinking my wine, a woman came in and asked for one of 1215 spiked chai lattes. The same bartender who waited on me said the Bourbon Chai Latte was the most popular. “One problem,” said the customer, “I don’t like bourbon.” Well, the bartender was having none of that and she carefully explained the properties of the bourbon and the spices in the latte. The customer consented, and very much liked the drink. I complimented the bartender on her psychological marketing skills.

A lovely, if unexpected, rosé at 1215 Wine and Coffee Bar

The Weak in Existentialism: I spent part of Tuesday evening reading a book on one of the benches at Washington Park. Nature had a little surprise for me. I’m not much of a philosopher, but when a small black bird dropped out of the sky onto the sidewalk at my feet, panting in the throes of death, I immediately began searching for meaning. One thing I knew, the bird didn’t need human intervention when it was essentially at Bird Hospice living out it’s final moments. I quietly and respectively got up and went to find the spirit…in the form of bourbon. The bourbon didn’t help me answer any big questions, but I toasted the Dead Bird, and felt better.

The Week in Music One – Funk: I saw most of a the DeRobert and Half-Tones show at MOTR where the lead singer stepped back in time to sing Summer Time from Porgy and Bess. It’s cool that young bands are writing and performing new pop songs and that they share the history of their genre with unsuspecting audiences.


DeRobert and the Half-Tones. Not pictured:  me, the more than Half Drunk photographer of this blurry mess

The Week in Music Two – Indie: OTR was bursting at the seams with Indie music on Saturday. Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks were over at the Woodward and We Are Scientists were jamming at MOTR. While I liked the band Pavement, the now defunct band fronted by Malkmus, I wanted something a little happier, so I headed to MOTR. I originally found We Are Scientists in my early days of exploring music on the internet and found them and their music clever and charming. The MOTR show was upbeat, and rockin’ to a packed house. There were even jokes from the stage! They looked like they were having a blast which made for a great evening.

The Week in Music Three – Throwback: This week a work, Tiny Tim came up in conversation (ie: old people were talking) and those who remembered the yodeling, ukulele wonder of the 1970’s were still visibly shaken up…a feeling we thought we would like to share with our younger coworkers. We told them to Google him, and watch a video. I said they might be able to stand 10 seconds, and maybe up to 20 if they were too horrified to turn it off. It took a while to get them to do it, but they finally did. And…they made it approximately three seconds before calling it “terrifying.” Score one for the Olds!




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