What I Learned This Week: #57

Sunday, June 24 – Saturday, June 25


This Week in Summer Illness: The main thing I learned this week is that it sucks to have a cold with a low grade fever when it is 95 degrees and humid outside. The fever and the barometric pressure combined into one swirl of discomfort. Where the fever ended and the weather began, I’ll never know. But I was laid up for all of Friday night and I did not care for being stuck inside on what was supposed to be a fun night out. Boo!

The Week in World Cup and the Joy it Brings: Panama had never competed in World Cup soccer/futbol before this year, and to say Panamanians were ‘just happy to be nominated’ is an understatement. By the time I joined my Panamanian Pal to see Panama play, they were already knocked out of the tournament. No matter. I wore a Panamanian jersey and sent good vibes to the team.

The beer is just as cold, and your friends are still your friends, no matter the score.

The Week in Replacements: I moved into my current apartment about a year and a half ago. The move was only around the block so except for the furniture, I just packed and unpacked carload after carload of my belongs. Because I didn’t really pack, I knew where everything was in the new place from Day One. Except my butter bell. Of all the things to misplace, it would be an obscure-ish piece of kitchen equipment of the sort that you should, technically, only have to buy once in your entire lifetime. It didn’t take me long to figure out I’d “mis-placed” it, but I just assumed I was missing it in the new space. At some point I switched to believing aliens came down and took it (’cause there is no way my missing butter bell is my fault). Then it took me a while to remember to order one, until finally, this week, after a nearly 18 month void in my life, a new butter bell was delivered. Seems like it’s time for a (piece of) toast.

Who woulda thought room temperature butter could be so important?

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