What I Learned This Week: #65

Sunday, April 19 – Saturday, April 25

The Week in Heat: The temperature cooled down briefly during the work week, but by the weekend, heat and humidity were back to remind us all that August is, well, August. I stopped by the hot pepper booth at Findlay Market to add a hot kick to my late sumer vegetarian chili. Ted, The Employee of Baby Red Pepper Company, talks about his pepper varieties the way proud parents talk about their kids. He steered me toward the Bhut Jolokia pepper and advised I use about 1/4 of it in about a gallon of chili. He told me to taste the dish and wait about 5 minutes before adding more because the capsium builds in your mouth. The common mistake is tasting and immediately adding more pepper, creating a volcano of heat. I took his advice. It’s the first pepper I’ve used in a long time that made me feel like I was eating it while I was just cutting it. I used about 1/3 of the pepper and the flavor is nice.

ghost pepper
Bhut Jolokia – every bit as hot as the ghost pepper those jackasses eat on TV

The Week in One Last Stop: Sometimes I go out for lunch and I’m not quite ready to go home yet. It’s not quite a night cap as it is One Last Stop before I head home for some domestic time (read: light cleaning and a nap) probably to head back out for evening activities. This week the first lunch stop was the Lobster Bar on Court St. where the Lobster Mac was too rich to finish. A nice glass of French wine made for a nice dessert, plus I had time to almost finish the book I was reading. One Last Stop was kind of productive.

1215 wine and book
Early on Saturday 1215 Wine does a Bloody Mary Bar, I went for wine, air conditioning, and a bit of reading time on my way from lunch to home.

The Week in Salsa: The terrific band Son Del Caribe performed on Thursday for a beautiful night of dancing and music. Salsa on the Square is the only “summer” series that extends before Memorial Day and past Labor Day. The fact that school is back in session doesn’t hurt attendance. For me this week, I met up with two old friends, one of whom was at Salsa Night for the first time. We danced and laughed the night away…just like everyone else.

Shake the maracas, make people dance. Easy!


The Week in Casual Fashion: Look at this man’s hat. That is a great hat.

A great hat

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