What I Learned This Week: #67

Monday, September 3 – Sunday, September 9


The Week in Community: On Thursday downtown Cincinnati was a victim of a mass shooting. That is, while (obviously) the biggest impact of this shooting were the human victims (3 dead, 2 wounded, and the gunman dead) and their families, the City itself is a victim, too. Even the collateral stress of wondering about friends and family who could potentially have been harmed is painful and stressful. While the immediacy of those feelings and of loss and of grief fade, the idea of feeling 100% safe is gone. Thursday evening a lot of local people were out and about in the Downtown area proving we’re strong for each other and for the City as a whole. These random shootings are tragic on many levels and that we allow them to continue says a lot about our priorities.

The Week in Local Music: On the same evening as the shooting, the creative spirit continued in two low-key events in the Pendleton neighborhood. First, at Lucious Q a quartet of keyboards, base, and drums, with a female singer performed RB standards, new and old. It was a show that I just happened on, so I didn’t get a lot of information except they were there representing King Records, and they were fantastic.

And on the next corner, a little earlier, the Cincinnati Symphony sent a violinist and a viola player to 3 Points Brewery to play an hour of classical pieces. The two players were clearly having a great time in front of the small, appreciative crowd. I especially liked looking outside and seeing the surprise and joy on faces of folks walking by the large open windows.


The Week in Local Art (Fine Art): I went to Thomas Hieronymus Towhey‘s art showing on Saturday. What made it most interesting is that his paintings/sculptures were displayed in his home and in his workshop. Not only did I get to talk to the artist and see his work, but I also got a glimpse of the process.


The Week in Poorly Named Promotions: At the Stone Lanes in Norword, you can attend Family Day or College Night, or enjoy pizza on Pins, Pies and Point Night. Or, you could save it all for Voucher Night. Coupon Sunday must of sounded too fancy.

voucher night
Voucher night!! Don’t Miss It!

The Week in Slurry: It’s traditional in my kitchen to make what I call Mom’s Chili on the open weekend of NFL. Mom’s Chili is Midwestern style, tomato-based with ground beef, often seasoned by a pack of chili seasoning from the Mexican aisle at the grocery. For my chili seasoning, I buy a bunch of mixed dried peppers, mostlt guajillo, blister them in a frying pan with some oil, and pour hot water over them for a soak. I run the rehydrated peppers through the blender, and press the mixture through a mesh colander to create a slurry of pure chili flavor. It’s magic.

Of course, if I’m going to that trouble, I usually peel and seed fresh tomatoes instead of using canned ones. The sub category here is how much I love making chili!

The “scores” in the tomatoes show they are ready to be dropped into boiling water for easy peeling.


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