What I Learned This Week: #71

The Week in Pop Music [Well, the week in pop music the way I wish popular music sounded]: At MOTR on Saturday, the three-band evening kicked off with Baltimore’s Super City, a personable band that played short, catchy songs and played them well. They even had choregraphed movements that worked on MOTR’s tiny stage.

Super City

Next up Baum kept the energy going with her clear vocals and a four-piece band behind her. Performing all originals mixing the upbeat tunes with ballads, her set went by quickly.

Finally, the headliner, Your Caroline (fka Caroline Smith) may be having an identity crisis when it comes to how she wants to use her name, but she and her band confidently know their way around a song. Their cover of Bonnie Raitt’s “Love in the Nick of Time” showed that the are paying attention to the women rockers who preceded them. Performing mostly mid-tempo songs, with a Sinatra-esque pop ballad mixed in, the band ripped through their set for a small, but enthusiastic crowd.

Anyway, my point here is that although I really like the top pop music hits I know that most of it is musical junk food. The lyrics are boring, the beats are repetitive, and many of the performers are auto-tuned and/or over produced to achieve a specific commercial sound. Fine. But it sure was nice to have an entire evening with three different bands belting out what pop music could be.

The Week in Southern Fusion: I ate at Lou Vino on Main Street a couple weeks ago and at that time, all I could do was eye-ball the fried chicken tacos. I got back this week to give them a go. And, bonus, they are on the Happy Hour menu for $7. I didn’t have the dining skills to pick up the tacos, loaded with mashed potatoes and gravy, but I’m positive that didn’t interfere with the excellence of the dish.


The Week in Old Favorites: Amid all the new restaurants opening around town, sometimes I forget about my old favorites. I don’t eat at Jean Robert’s table as much as I should. The food is always excellent and the service is outstanding and relaxed given the quality of food being served. I took a couple pictures of food, but I was rushed and wasn’t paying attention…because I just wanted it in my mouth.


The Week in Yard Work: I’ve lived in an apartment for years, but I still owned my suburban house where tenants have lived since I left. It’s time to put the property up for sale, so I went back to clean up the yard.

I never minded the yard work. It’s immensely satisfying to do a couple hours of yard work because the results are immediate. I created my gardens to make the house look good for the times I was home, but also to not take too much maintenance time so I could go out when I wanted. I never minded taking care of the lawn, but I prefered to live downtown. After a couple of days of cleaning it this weekend (in the surprise early October heat wave), my muscles are sore, I have a bit of poison ivy on my elbow, and the place looks great. A bittersweet task this weekend.



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